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Today's Special “Sinterklaas Final Chance”

Downloads - Welcome

Welcome to the download part of KB Computer Services.

You will find some downloads here to better use and / or to update your computer.

You can find most of the downloads on other sites too, but they are often infected with malware and/or spyware. KB Computer Services download everything from the official websites and checks all downloads for infections.

KB Computer Services can not guarantee that all downloads are clean, but the chance of infection is very small. If you find or suspect an infection, please contact KB Computer Services so we can verify this and possibly make a clean version available

For most of these downloads a license is required. Usual you can order these from KB Computer Services. The use of software, for which a license is required without having one is illegal and punishable by Dutch Law. Some programs can be used without a license or as trail. The use of those programs is ofcourse legal (within the trial period). The responsibility for obtaining the license / certificate rest fully on you as user. If in doubt, you can of course contact us without obligation.

Today's Special “Sinterklaas Final Chance”

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