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Lexmark 70 - 12a1970 (zwart - 22ml)
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€ 32,52
with sales tax
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product status
1 month
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2 february 1999
Undiscounted price
€ 36,95 with sales tax
Discounted with
Pentecost Offers - gives discount of 12%
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Product Overview

The product “Lexmark 70 - 12a1970 (zwart - 22ml)” with vendor part number “12a1970” from/out the category “Lexmark - inktpatronen (origineel)” and from the brand “Lexmark” comes with 1 month warranty and is “not on stock” by KB Computer Services.

The action price for a “Lexmark 70 - 12a1970 (zwart - 22ml)” is € 32,52 incl. Sales Tax (€ 26,87 excl. Sales Tax) . The regular price is € 36,95 incl. Sales Tax (€ 30,54 excl. Sales Tax). The following discount apply: “Pentecost Offers - gives discount of 12%”.

Some additional charges could apply for this product.

The order code for a “Lexmark 70 - 12a1970 (zwart - 22ml)” is “#102” . This product is added on 2 feb 1999 on 19:46 and last updated on 3 may 2020 on 20:34.

photo of 12a1970
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