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Gelid Solutions PWM Y-Cable Splitter

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Het produkt “Gelid Solutions PWM Y-Cable Splitter” uit de categorie “Kasten - FAN” met vendor part nummer “ca-pwm-01” van het merk “Gelid” komt met een garantie van 24 maanden en is NIET op voorraad.

De prijs voor een “Gelid Solutions PWM Y-Cable Splitter” is € 4,46 incl. BTW (€ 3,68 excl. BTW).

en past in een enveloppe.

Dit produkt met onze bestelcode “#9091” is op 29 December 2015 om 03:36:41 aangenaakt en voor het laatst gewijzigd op 4 Februari 2020 om 12:51:03.

PWM Y Cable (CA-PWM-01)

Connect 2 GELID fans to your mainboard's CPU socket.

Use the GELID PWM Y cables to connect a series of up to 5 PWM fans and provide as much extra cooling as desired.

The PWM signal input from the mainboard is used to control a series of connected PWM fans for optimal performance in noise and cooling.


Connect 2 PWM fans to your mainboard’s CPU socket. Use multiple Y cables to connect a series of up to 5 PWM fans and provide as much extra cooling as desired.
Power drawn into your CPU cooler is adjusted depending on its temperature. An idle CPU does not generate as much heat, requires less active cooling, and hence slower fan speeds will be sufficient. Further this also reduces the overall ambient noise of your PC and it's handled automatically with little risk to your PC components.
While PWM fan controllers are very common in today’s PC industry and available on most mainboards, there is often only one or two such PWM headers, reserved for the CPU and or the chipset fans. One way this excellent noise reduction idea can be extended to the numerous case fans inside a typical PC is by utilizing a GELID PWM Y Cable.
The long cable provide enough length to reach any location in your case.

produkt-foto van 'Gelid Solutions PWM Y-Cable Splitter'